Grazi Kelly Summer Sale 2017


This summer is going to be epic! Let me tell you about some exciting deals and new releases I have going on!

On June 21st the PNR Anthology, Summer Fantasy Flings, will be released featuring my story about a sexy Werewolf and his first love who has come back home! “Sometimes love comes back to bite you…” Summer Bite by C.D. Gorri!

#99cents! Available in the Summer Fantasy Flings Anthology June 21st! Limited Time Only! All proceeds are donated to St. Jude’s!

On July 4th, my new historical PNR novella will be released! PreOrder Wolf Bride: The Tale of Ailis and Eoghan for just #99cents and discover how the Macconwood Pack began in this prequel! #loveandadventure #Werewolvesmateforlife #matebonded

Wait!! There’s more…

This summer I am setting all of my Grazi Kelly Novels to #99cents! (Down from $2.99!!) You can already get Rebel Moon for this awesome discount today! And don’t forget I am now on Kobo, iBooks, Barnes & Noble, Google Play and Amazon  😉