Summer Fantasy Flings Blog Hop Day 8!!!!!

DAY 8!!
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Today we would like to spotlight one of nine authors participating in the “Summer Fantasy Flings” anthology. The anthology will allow you to indulge in fantasy worlds with vampires, witches, faeries, shifters, and ghosts. The nine stories will take you on a journey on the darker side of summer romance from USA Today bestselling, Happy Ever After Hot List, and award-winning authors.
Amanda Kimberley Connie Hunter Heather Marie Adkins Jennifer Malone Wright Josette Reuel J. K. Hawkins Mana Moonchild Nicholas Michaels
ALL PROCEEDS of this novel will be donated to ST. JUDE’S CHILDREN’S HOSPITAL charity.
*TODAY’s Featured Author is Mana Moonchild!
Title: Frost in His Steps
Tagline: An Unseelie faerie falls for his human friend and brings her to his home realm.
Blurb: When Victoria was a child, she made a promise to a faerie. When you make a promise to a faerie, you must keep to it. On her 20th birthday, she does agree to keep to that promise, but other things come to light as she and Ailill begin to come to terms with their mutual feeling for one another.
Bio: Mana Moonchild, author of Frost in his Steps, lives in Austin, Texas with her husband of soon to be six years, a fluffy dog named Rippie, and grumpy cat named Kirk Sapphira. Primarily, she writes within the Horror and Dark Fantasy genres, with bits of Romance. You can find Mana on most social medias, and she is always open to talk to someone.
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