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Wolf Bride is here!

It’s release day!

Wolf Bride: The Tale of Ailis and Eoghan is here! One-click for just #99cents or read it for #free with #KU! Discover the origins of the Macconwood Pack with this historical PNR!




“One bride, two Wolves, and a love neither of them knew was possible.”

He is the first son of the Alpha, a warrior, and a Hound of God. Duty bound to secure the future of his Pack.
He must sacrifice his freedom and marry the lass of his father’s choosing, but a chance meeting changes his mind.

She is the property of her father. A woman with a secret and a yearning for the truth. Lies, threats, Dark Magic, and betrayal are just some of the forces driving their future.

Will Eoghan and Ailis find true love in spite of it all?

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Summer Fantasy Flings Blog Hop Day 3!

DAY 3!!!
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Today we would like to spotlight one of nine authors participating in the “Summer Fantasy Flings” anthology. The anthology will allow you to indulge in fantasy worlds with vampires, witches, faeries, shifters, and ghosts. The nine stories will take you on a journey on the darker side of summer romance from USA Today bestselling, Happy Ever After Hot List, and award-winning authors.
Amanda Kimberley Connie Hunter Heather Marie Adkins Jennifer Malone Wright Josette Reuel J. K. Hawkins Mana Moonchild Nicholas Michaels
ALL PROCEEDS of this novel will be donated to ST. JUDE’S CHILDREN’S HOSPITAL charity.
*TODAY’s Featured Author is ME! CD Gorri
Title: Summer Bite
Tagline: Sometimes love comes back to bite you.
Mason Lane cut his teeth working for Vicente Spirits, a whiskey distillery on the outskirts of Maccon, New Jersey. The no-account, orphaned Werewolf had nothing until Hector Vicente took him and taught him everything he knew.
So, how does Mason pay back the only father figure he’d ever known? By falling in love with his daughter, Abigail. After their first and only night of passion, Abigail left him and the town she grew up in for bigger and better things. Young Mason vowed never to love again.
All work and no play, Mason put all his energy into creating the perfect artisan whiskey, finally hitting it big with his label, Bite. He takes his company, Lane Liquors Corporation, and buys out Vicente Spirits and the old distillery, absorbing both into his multimillion dollar business. Mason finally has everything he ever wanted.
Or does he? Thoughts of his first love plague him. He buries himself in work to try and forget the raven-haired beauty that haunts his dreams. Ten years later, Abigail comes back home. Is she only there to claim the twenty-percent of the company left to her by her late father or is there some other secret she’s hiding? Whatever the reason, Mason is determined to find out the truth.
Will he be able to maintain his professionalism or will his love for Abigail come back to bite him?
C.D. Gorri earned her Bachelor’s Degree in English Literature from Montclair State University. She lives in her home state of New Jersey with her family.
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Grazi Kelly Summer Sale 2017


This summer is going to be epic! Let me tell you about some exciting deals and new releases I have going on!

On June 21st the PNR Anthology, Summer Fantasy Flings, will be released featuring my story about a sexy Werewolf and his first love who has come back home! “Sometimes love comes back to bite you…” Summer Bite by C.D. Gorri!

#99cents! Available in the Summer Fantasy Flings Anthology June 21st! Limited Time Only! All proceeds are donated to St. Jude’s!


On July 4th, my new historical PNR novella will be released! PreOrder Wolf Bride: The Tale of Ailis and Eoghan for just #99cents and discover how the Macconwood Pack began in this prequel! #loveandadventure #Werewolvesmateforlife #matebonded

Wait!! There’s more…

This summer I am setting all of my Grazi Kelly Novels to #99cents! (Down from $2.99!!) You can already get Rebel Moon for this awesome discount today! And don’t forget I am now on Kobo, iBooks, Barnes & Noble, Google Play and Amazon  😉